AIMSE Europe Roundtable

18th September 2019 | Macquarie Offices


Venue: Macquarie Offices
Ropemaker Place, 28 Ropemaker Street, London, EC2Y 9HD
Timings: 8.00am-10.00am


“De-risking” – What does it really mean?

De-risking. Perhaps the most commonly used ‘investment themed word’ in pension committee board rooms, but what does it really mean? As DB schemes look to begin, or continue to implement, their de-risking, we will investigate what strategies investors – both Corporate and LGPS – are adopting to reduce equity beta, manage funding ratio volatility or transfer risk outright.

We will debate whether all de-risking approaches are created alike, or how they might adapt to changing market conditions or pension structure? Does this mean the end of (listed) equity, will de-risking changes to asset allocations cause a flood of capital to dominate a narrow set of assets? How might investment queues in private markets effect the timing and implementation of pension fund’s de-risking strategies?

Join us to hear from industry experts on how they, and their clients, have/are de-risking and how asset managers have a vital role to play.

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