AIMSE Europe Academy Event

January 2021 | Virtual Event

Venue: Virtual Event

Timings:  TBA

Please join us for our virtual academy event on January 2021.

The world has changed significantly since the 1st January 2020. For many of you, this is the first significant period of uncertainty within your professional careers, and has been combined with a once-in-a-generation societal halt. Given all of this uncertainty, we wanted to bring together all of our colleagues in client facing roles and give you the chance to talk about how this period of time has affected you and the client relationships you hold and support.

Two sessions will be facilitated by members of the AIMSE Europe Council and will be run over 2 weeks. The sessions will be designed to help you reflect on this period, to constructively challenge you, and look to take positive action in your careers going forward.

The first meeting is on 25th November; the second meeting is on 9th December. In order to make the most of the sessions, we ask that you do your best to be available to attend both sessions. Zoom meeting details will be sent to you once registrations are received.

Who is this for?

  • Created for our members Academy and aimed at junior consultants & asset managers in institutional Sales and Marketing roles, who have up to five years industry experience;
  • Anybody in a client facing role who is going through the first significant market downturn of their careers;
  • For people that want to use this period of time to learn from peers and industry veterans to become more effective in their roles.

What are the sessions aiming to do?

  • Introspection – We want you to pause, consider how you are handling this period of time and use it as an opportunity to better understand yourselves and your actions;
  • Renewed focus on clients – We want you to discuss how you can use this opportunity to create positive motion and personal growth with your clients.

We do hope you will be able to attend what promises to be two interesting and informative virtual sessions.

Registration is open to both members and non-members. The event is 100 per person + VAT for member and non-member firms.

To register, you will need your personal login details


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