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Warming up for our 5k Challenge later in the year!


With our Hyde Park 5Km Challenge coming up at the backend of this year, we thought it was a good opportunity to start preparing for this event by introducing another First to 50km Challenge!

We know that you are a competitive bunch and will want to be at the pinnacle of fitness by September, so what better way to start than with another first to 50km running club challenge for members. Starting on 1 July this challenge will run for 30 days!

The run club is organised and tracked via Nike Running Club app which is free to download. Within the app we have set up a ‘Challenge’ where we invite members and see each other’s progress on a leader board – it tracks the distances (not the times!) people have run.

Entering is simple:
1) Download the Nike Run Club app and set-up your account
2) Search and add AIMSE Europe
3) Accept the invite to the First to Fifty challenge and start running!

Full instructions on how to get started can be found here.

This is about the taking part, clocking up distance – 1km here, 5km there – and hopefully a great way for us to stay connected. Good luck!

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